"What's up, guys? Michaelmcchill here."

Michael is a writer, musician, comedian, voice actor, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and all around entertainer.

Specializing in improvisational content, typically such as live-streaming, let's plays, podcasts, and more, Michael has grown up around microphones and being the center of attention when it comes to creating content online. 

Focusing a large majority of his energy into his brands such as "Michaelmcchill", "The Special Bar", among many other ideas and concepts, Michael has had a history of getting his hands dirty in many areas.

The "Michaelmcchill" YouTube Channel has seen many changes over the years. Starting off as a channel creating music videos centered around the video game "RuneScape", then leading off into creating video-game sketch comedies known as "machinimas" centered around the same game, and then leading into "live content" (typically let's plays, podcasts, and things of that nature).

Michael has also had a history of working with companies and video-game developers, either by sharing opinions or all-around collaborating, working with "YouTube" and "YouTube Gaming", "Google", "Machinima", and more. Michael has also worked with "Jagex" on multiple occasions, the creator "RuneScape" (the world's most popular free to play MMORPG). He's learned quite a bit about brand integration.

Michael is the owner and a lead personality on the gaming and comedy focused YouTube channel "The Special Bar". Known for its various shows such as "Button Mash", "Master Race", "Showdown", "Retrograde" and "The Special Bar Podcast", the channel has found success in various areas, regardless of it's small size. Michael and Jayden from "The Special Bar" once dabbled in live comedy shows involving a similar formula to that of which is shown in their videos at Indy PopCon 2016. Getting good reactions from those who watched, it's still something that there is definitely an interest for.

Since creating his various brands, Michael has also wrote for websites such as "Lifewire.com" (formerly "About.com"). His content was general gaming and gaming news oriented, specifically around "Minecraft" and whatever else would interest him. Since March 2017, Michael no longer works with Lifewire, but still has an interest in writing.

After leaving Lifewire, Michael has spent nearly two years working on the official AntVenom YouTube Channel (over 2,640,000 Subscribers) as a Co-Producer of content. Working as an editor, a personality on the channel, a writer, an in-game cinematographer, among much more, his work has been viewed by millions of individuals. He's pretty proud of that.

Michael also tends to stream on "Twitch" occasionally.

In his free time, Michael is conceptualizing ideas for shows, brands, and more. He's also a musician, working on multiple projects at once and hoping to get an album out in 2019 after the release of his October 2018 mixtape "Hurricane Michael". Creating has been a passion of his since he was a child. Ideas are always coming to him.